Returnable Containers, Pallets, and Top Caps

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  • Orbis & Buckhorn Returnable & Reusable Containers
    Bulk Containers
  • Picture of Returnable Plastic Folding Totes on Pallet with Topcaps
    Folding Totes on Pallets & Topcaps
  • Returnable and Reusable Folding Totes
    Folding Totes
  • Returnable Tote on Pallet with Topcap
    Handheld Totes on Pallets & Topcaps
  • Buy Returnable & Reusable Plastic Pallets
    Plastic Pallet

Did you know that Interior Packaging Design is also your trusted dealer for Orbis and Buckhorn containers, pallets, and top caps?

Returnable & Reusable containers allow you to reduce your packaging costs and provide a standardized method of transporting your goods to their destination. Based on an industry accepted footprint, these boxes are compatible with each other when stacked.

Environmentally friendly plastic reusable containers are much more economic than traditional cardboard or wood containers for shipping of finished products. The performance is superior, as well as the return on investment.

At the end of their life cycle, these container systems can be recycled, which will in turn, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your investment in the earth as valuable as it is in your product.

Give us a call to discuss how a returnable container system can benefit your company.

Down below are some of our featured returnable and reusable pallets and containers by Orbis and Buckhorn


 model     cATEGORY  sTYLE 
 oRBIS 40 x 48 StackR MD (Open deck)
Plastic Returnable Pallet
 Orbis 40 x 48 StackR LD (Open deck)
 ORBIS MLC6040-30 (Handheld)
returnable plastic containers 
 Hand-Held reusable Containers  Collapsible
 ORBIS Bulk Collapsible HDR4845-25
Bulk Returnable Containers 
 Bulk reusable Containers  COLLAPSIBLE
 orbis stack n nest container CT1080  Hand-Held reusable Containers  Stack-N-Nest
 Buy Stack n Nest Container Reusable Orbis    
 orbis stack n Nest hand held GA6050-27
Stack n nest handheld plastic container orbis 
 orbis dolly w/ wheels DFP24-402 Dolly
orbis returnable bulk container dolly

 Bulk Returnable Container dolly   Container Accessories 
 orbis AST3220-12

 Hand-Held Returnable Containers  Straight-Wall containers
 orbis AST2420-8

 orbis AST2420-7

 orbis AST2420-6
 orbis OPTE 40 x 48 MI CISC
collapsible reusable returnable containers to buy

 Bulk returnable containers     collapsible reusable containers
 Buckhorn BG4840330
 Returnable Stackable Container
 Large stackable containerS     returnable general purpose
 Buckhorn cz2420400s
 60 Gallon Collapsible Returnable Drum Container Buckhorn
 60 Gallon Collapsible drum        large returnable container
 Buckhorn BA29260684
 Buy reusable & stackable bakery tray
 PLASTIC REUSABLE BAKERY TRAY        Stackable bakery tray


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