Manufactured Polyethylene Foam Cell Dunnage for the Automotive Industry

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Manufactured Polyethylene Foam Cell Dunnage for the Automotive Industry
Manufactured Polyethylene Foam Cell Dunnage for the Automotive Industry

Interior Packaging Design can produce custom foam dunnage up to 5" thick for use in a variety of industries. This polyethylene foam cell dunnage was designed and manufactured for a customer in the automotive industry. The cross-linked polyethylene foam was cut on our water jet cutting machine to nominal tolerances of .125". Plastic corrugated trays were die cut to serve as the base of the dunnage. After the individual pieces were cut and trimmed, the foam insert was glued to the corrugated trays.

Upon completion, dunnage was inspected according to our SPC check and quality control protocols. We produced 4,295 of these four-cell trays with a total lead time of six weeks. Our water jet cutting capability allows us to cut intricate and custom shapes into materials to create custom dunnage without the high tooling costs or long lead times associated with traditional die cutting methods. Samples are often available in only a few days, and full production orders can often be delivered within four weeks. For more information about this custom foam dunnage project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Highlights of this Custom Foam Dunnage Project

Product DescriptionFoam Cell Dunnage
Custom Dunnage Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Water Jet Cutting
Die Cutting
Manual Trimming
Assembly – Manual Gluing
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartWater Jet Machine, Flatbed Die Cutter
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 21.3125"
Width: 20.4375"
Height: 4.5200"
Tightest Tolerances0.125" Nominal
Material UsedCross-linked Polyethylene and Pcorr
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection, Visual InspectionSPC Checks
Industry for UseAutomotive
Delivery/Turnaround Time6 weeks
Delivery LocationHebron, KY
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product NameFoam Cell Dunnage
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