Die Cutting of a Plastic Corrugated Tote for the Aerospace Industry

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Die Cutting of a Plastic Corrugated Tote for the Aerospace Industry
Die Cutting of a Plastic Corrugated Tote for the Aerospace Industry

Interior Packaging Design was asked to design and manufacture this custom corrugated plastic packaging for a customer in the aerospace industry. This tote is 21.00" x 21.00" x 27.01", with a stacking rail around the perimeter and interior corrugated plastic dividers. The corrugated plastic was cut on our flatbed die cutter to nominal dimensional tolerances of .125". The custom sheets were heat sealed and the tote was completely assembled.

These stacking containers with custom dividers are a great size for operators to move individually, but are also capable of being stacked efficiently on a standard sized pallet. We specialize in customer solutions like this one, and our engineers work directly with customers to thoroughly understand their manufacturing process and packaging needs. We produced 5,000 of these totes with a delivery time of 5 weeks. For more information about this custom corrugated plastic packaging project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Highlights of this Custom Corrugated Plastic Packaging Project

Product DescriptionPlastic Corrugated Tote with Stacking Rail and Dividers
Custom Packaging Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Die Cutting
Heat Sealing
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartFlatbed Die Cutter
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 21.00"
Width: 21.00"
Height: 22.07"
Tightest Tolerances0.125" Nominal
Material UsedPlastic Corrugated
In process testing/inspection performedSPC Checks as per Quality Manual
Industry for UseAerospace
Delivery/Turnaround Time5 WEEKS
Delivery LocationSt. Charles, MO
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
Product NamePlastic Corrugated Tote
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